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Sea freight transportation

Transportation by sea is the cheapest way to carry the goods at long distances. A2 Cargo offers its clients not only intercontinental sea transport. Container transporting from Germany, Benelux countries, Spain and the UK is gradually becoming popular among the clients. While the rates of land transporting are hitting records or became slower due to bad meteorological conditions or stopped due to unfortunate political situations, the transportation by sea stays always on the similar level. The transporting of the goods from door to door, land-railway-sea is especially popular while transporting the goods to Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

The most popular classification of the sea transporting is:

  • Less than Container Load (LCL) - ordered goods are grouped with other loads until a necessary weight/size is reached and all these goods are stored in one container. The container is sent to the designated port where it is ungrouped and sorted separately for each client. LCL freights from the Baltic countries are usually grouped into containers in Hamburg port, together with all Europe's shipments. The most popular import streams are sent to Lithuania through Klaipeda port. It is mostly LCL freights from New York (USA), Singapore, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung (Taiwan) and Shanghai (China) ports that reach Klaipeda. All the other less popular streams are sorted through Tallinn (Estonia) seaport. Due to this LCL shipping takes up to 10 days longer than Full Container Loads. After all, this is a rather popular type of transporting due to particularly cheap possibilities to deliver goods from almost any seaport.
  • Full Container Load (FCL) - is the most popular type of transporting from Far East to Lithuania and the mostly used way to export Lithuanian goods outside Europe. FCLs not only carry the usual cargo but liquid and dry products, oversized or goods that require temperature regimen. Containers are chosen accordingly to the goods' character.

Almost all the container streams get to the Baltic Sea through bigger European ports: Hamburg, Bremerhaven (Germany), Rotterdam (Holland), Antwerp (Belgium). Due to the shallow ports of the Baltic Sea, containers are loaded from ocean ships to smaller, "feeder" container ships that sail in the inland seas. General transportation time may vary up to 10-14 days, depending upon the sea-route that delivers your container, the amount of intermediate stops, and in which port the transshipment takes place.

We suggest you to consult with A2 Cargo team to find an individual solution for your cargo transportation. Our specialists have over 15 years of experience in transporting by sea. Our experience is at your service.

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