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Road freight transportation

Road freight is the most popular, flexible and almost all outreaching type of land transport. It's not hard to imagine that the transportation by road has conquered its popularity due to the possibility to reach any point on the mainland, and with its variety to please the most demanding clients. There are many vehicles, created according to the conditions of transporting and types loading/unloading of the goods. They transport different types of goods - from liquids in tankers or animals in special trailers to oversized reactors that may weigh dozens of tons or semi-trailers that sustain fixed temperatures for the transportation of flowers. There is a special land vehicle for each type of goods and we can help you to find the one you need! However there are three main types based on the nature of transportation:

  • Less Than Truckload Shipping (LTL) - when a semi-trailer is loaded with several shippers' goods to different consignees. The transporting expenses are lesser because the transporter is getting paid only for the used floor area unit (LDM). Less than truckload's assemblage is organized in two ways: the vehicle is sent according to the coordinated route and gathers all the goods along the way, or the transporter has an agreement with a terminal that services the desired region. Each week the terminal gathers all the loads and forms a dispatch for a full vehicle. LTL's assemblage and delivery from door-to-door usually takes 4-5 days longer than delivery with a full truckload.
  • Full Truckload (FTL) - the client provides the transporter with loading and unloading addresses and shipment data and the transporter provides necessary means of transportation for a negotiated price. In this case the loading takes 2-3 hrs, and the prime mover rides towards the consignee without wasting any time picking other loads. This transportation type is safer and faster, however accordingly more expensive.
  • Express delivery - it is a small goods (up to 1.5t, 12 cubic m.) delivery in 24 hrs (up to 1700 kms radius from the assemblage point) within the EU (except for Sweden). This transportation is unique for being time-wise similar to the air door-to-door transporting and having a much smaller price. This service is mostly used by the clients who have misplaced their goods or sent defective production which should be urgently replaced. A2 Cargo offers this unique service to its clients 24/7 whole year round. If you need an especially quick solution of transportation - contact us and we will not let you down!

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