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Port of Klaipeda

The port of Klaipeda has become the most important gateway of Lithuanian, Russian and Belarus trade networks a long time ago. It is known since the XIIIth century, and hundreds of years logs shipments were floated up to the port of Klaipeda via the biggest Lithuanian river Nemunas, the rest of goods were delivered directly to the quay by horse-drawn carriages and loaded into ships. This was the main way for local goods or raw material to reach the world.
Even today the port of Klaipeda connects Lithuania and neighbor countries with the rest of the world and serves the old transit route from East to West and backwards. Klaipeda's seaport is northern nonfreezing sea port of Baltic Sea with well developed infrastructure, support by local government and academic society. The port of Klaipeda presently is one of the leaders in the region. Further plans and investments into the expansion of the port are going to strengthen its position in the West-East transit corridor and make it a serious player in the Baltic Sea.
Today the port of Klaipeda became a real hub for shipments routed to or from Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Shipments are delivered to the port as a single shipment or in a consolidated way by road and rail in bulk or containerized. Oversized and overweight shipments are handled smoothly in both import and export directions and the shipments in transit via Klaipeda are reaching Kazakhstan or Mongolia, not to mention the rest of CIS countries.
Because of its geographical status as northern non-freezing port, Klaipeda leads among the other Baltic Sea ports in container handling. Container carrier's MSC decision to open container terminal in Klaipeda in 2008 has influenced port growth greatly. Well-developed short-sea shipping network (short distances to ports of Sweden, Germany, Poland, Finland and Russian ports of St. Petersburg) and wide range of logistics services and terminals ensure Klaipeda seaport's perfect ability to handle various types of goods:
  • General cargo terminal - the largest port section for warehousing and storage facilities, where different types of cargo are handled.
  • Bulk mineral fertilizer terminal - ensures to load and serve big PANAMAX-type vessels for dry fertilizers shipments.
  • Liquid fertilizer and chemical products terminal with a fertilizer cooling and recirculation system, which efficiently ensures to load crystallized cargo and export them to Russia and Belarus.
  • Bulk grain terminal with dome-shaped warehouses for the optimal use of limited cargo loading territory for wheat, barley, rye and other types of grain handling.
  • Ro-Ro terminal - the intermodal transport connection point. This terminal provides cargo handling transported by trucks, railways or mafis and has the ability to serve different cargo in wagons, containers, platforms or trailers.

The main Ro-Ro shipping lines:

  • Klaipeda - Kiel ( Germany )
  • Klaipeda - Karlshamn (Sweden)
  • Klaipeda - Copenhagen - Aarhus - Fredericia (Denmark)
  • Klaipeda - Sassnitz (Germany)

The port of Klaipeda has secured its importance to Lithuanian, Belarus', Russian and Ukraine's economies over the years. It keeps on developing and growing year-by-year by beating its records in weights and quantities of cargo handling. Its position between East and West as well as ability to serve the business year-round makes it really special hub for your shipments routed to the Baltics and CIS countries.

Port Data:
Geographical Situation: 55043'N 21007'E
Port territory area 519 ha
Port waters area 897 ha
The length of port quays 26 923 m
Port railway length 79 000 m
Warehousing facilities for general cargo 89 013 m²
Bulk cargo warehousing facilities 143 700 m²
Refrigerated facilities 47 550 m²
Open storage sites 934 677 m²
Capacity of liquid cargo tanks 738 300 m3

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